Golf championship of KOV Finland Chapter

The first ever golf championship of KOV Finland Chapter 2017 was played in the spring time on the oldest golf course of the country, The Helsinki Golf Club. We had players participating from both Tampere, the birth place of KOV Finland, and naturally from Helsinki.







Happy players gathered for photographing, with the Champion in the middle.

The 2017 championship competition was very exciting and close, as the two first players ended up to the same result. The winner was finally declared based on the lowest HCP.

The results
1, Jukka Tapiovaara 33 pB
2, Heikki Koski 33 pB
3, Marja Koski 30 pB
4, Martti Kenkkilä
5, Paavo Lambropoulos
6, Pentti Salin
7, Niina Metsälä

Best Couples winners were Marja ja Heikki Koski
Best Ladies winner Marja Koski
Nearest to the Pin Marja Koski
Longest Drive Marja Koski

The champion was very happy and admitted, that he has played quite well in spite of an early season (he has been practicing in South Africa). He also promised to organize 2018 competition on the course of Kulloo Golf Club, a course built on the properties of an old manor house close to the city of Porvoo, or at Sarfvik Golf Club, close to Helsinki.









Mr. Heikki Koski presenting the ever circulating price to the champion.

All the participants of this fine happening wished to continue this competition during the coming years, and perhaps not least for the reason,that the 2017 organizer presented to the winner a bottle champagne, named according to the Hotel Ritz, which is only available at this famous hotel.

Additionally Pentti Salin ”sacrificed” his champagne bottle by presenting it to Ms. Niina Metsälä, who was participating her first ever golf compatition.









The rules for the future are now clear to everybody:
The winner is to organize next year’s championship competition, which will be played with 2/3 HCP and as a stableford. The championship plate will be ever circulating.

Heikki Koski



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