KOV Finland – Briefly in English

KOV Finland is the Finland Chapter of The Brotherhood of the Knights of the Vine (KOV). There is a dedicated webpage on the history of KOV.

Our primary aim is to disseminate wine knowledge, often accompanied with delicious meals and selected special wines, and to encourage joint activities of like-minded people. International relationships have a strong presence in our activities. We visit the major international wine events, and organize wine tours to selected destinations in collaboration with our partner companies. Being recognized by our members the vineyards can get connected to some of the top decision makers and wine experts in Finland.

KOV Finland organizes monthly events in different parts of Finland, most commonly in Tampere and Helsinki. The Chapter was established in 1998 when Mr. Timo Jokinen was nominated as the Master Commander in an event in San Francisco, CA. The Finland Charter Presentation Ceremony was organized in Tampere in November 1999. Dr. Roope Raisamo was nominated as the second Master Commander in 2011. Mr. Olli Heikkilä was nominated as the third Master Commander in 2015. From 2018 onwards Mr. Arttu Kalli has been the Master Commander of Knights of Vine Finland.

The number of established members – or knights – has grown to almost 70 by 2017. There are a number of candidates already listed which leads to a steady growth of membership in the next few years.

If you are interested in KOV Finland, send mail to us.

Per Vitem! Ad Vitam!