Traditional summery picnic

The Finland Chapter gathered again on a traditional summery picnic to Näsipuisto, a beautiful park built in the early 1900s. This is the 18th year of Finland Chapter and this time we had a very special picnic – we also had dear guests from USA, Grand Commander Buddy Hagner and his lovely wife Trish. We were really happy to have them to join us and celebrate our party.

There were also special surprises when Buddy took the sword and elevate Arttu Kalli to the cadre.  The second surprise  was a very special moment when Buddy spoke and thank the Finnish Chapter founder, Master Commander Emeritus Timo Jokinen for his worthy work for the benefit of the wine and elevate him as a Supreme Knight.

We had over 30 guests at our picnic and everyone had brought delicious bites and tasty wines which were arranged on a long colourful buffet table. There was a huge set of different kinds of delicacies. It was great opportunity to taste everything with such a great and relaxed company. And enjoy warm summer day (of course) at this beautiful Näsipuisto park.

The evening was very successful. This was the eleventh time we gathered for this picnic tradition and absolutely most glorious we’ve ever had.


Olli Heikkilä



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